Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adoption Update!

Happy October!

We are currently 22 months into an international adoption. We have a soft referral for 2 brothers, 10 & 12 who are living in an orphanage in Haiti. Yesterday, my husband and I shared another big update about our adoption. We have been asked to try and adopt the boys older brother as well, He is 15 and will age out of the adoption system in December. Once he turns 16, he is no longer adoptable. Another family had been pursuing him, but were unable to submit their paperwork in time.  Our dossier is complete and has already been submitted to the IBESR. 

My hubby and I prayed and prayed and prayed about this decision. After discussing this with godly friends and our Pastors (we attend Life.Church,) we knew, God was asking us to say YES. So, we are now trying to adopt 3 boys! We still have some pretty big obstacles to overcome. We must have a signed referral from the Haitian IBESR by Christmas day, December 25th.  We also have a TON of money to raise.  We thought raising money for 1 child was going to be challenging.  Ha, 3 is HUGE! 

If you would like to follow our adoption journey, we have an adoption blog: Adopting Haitian Brothers  and we have a gofundme account as well: Adopting Haitian Brothers by Clayton Meyer - GoFundMe

We would sincerely appreciate it if you would share our blog as well as our gofundme account with your social media followers.  We are relying on God to provide every single dollar we need.  The adoption blog has current info as well as a breakdown of what financial needs we have. Our family has saved and raised over $19,000 for our adoption so far.  Now that we are adopting 3 boys, we need to raise $55,000 in order to bring them home.  

Please pray that God would provide every single dollar we need and that we would get the official referral before Christmas day! 

All I want for Christmas is a signed referral so we can add 3 sons to our family!
Clayton, Kim, Jett and Keira Meyer

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